SIDERA.IO – Ico Review

SIDERA.IO – Ico Review

Author: Proleubiek
Topic: Sidera, the  First Decentralized Making Tool  with Blockchain Technology 
References :   official  website  and  white paper

About Sidera

The Sidera Platform is a complete solution for retail contact points without contact and smartwatch (POS) including a complete stack of reference applications from all components.
This includes mobile applications and point-of-sale (POS) terminals that have already been deployed. All of these components will be widely available through open source and open specifications.

Visi Sidera

The Sidera platform will help generate new and old cryptocurrency, on a large and small scale. There has never been another online cryptocurrency exchange that can bring in a number of new cryptocurrency users from this segment and in the same amount, thanks to our strong focus on attracting the consumer market.

Mission Sidera

We believe and strongly believe in the crypto community where we have been part of this family since the first day of Bitcoin. We want to scale Bitcoin and adopt cryptocurrency that brings this revolution to the masses. But before this goal, we want to return to the community all the values ​​we have received in these years.

We have started this journey in 2009 and 2012, when Founder Sidera discovered Bitcoin. If we are here today, that’s thanks to the crypto family. We have the opportunity today to give back something very important to the community: it is a gift that will give Bitcoin and the Blockchain public security that they deserve.

Sidera technology

  • Exclusive DWD technology
    Sidera’s scalable ecosystem revolves around a new revolutionary way of storing crypto: Decentralized Wearable Devices (DWD).
  • Innovative & Safe Bitsmart is a new idea of ​​smartwatches and smart-bands that focus on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The scope of this device is to provide users with an easy, easy, innovative and safe way to manage Crypto-environment.
  • Wrist-to-wrist & more! 
    Your funds are guaranteed around your wrist, fully encrypted, allowing offline inter-wrist transactions and a number of other innovative characteristics.

Sidera is the first to allow storing the cryptocurrency safely on your wrist in a beautiful and smart way.

SmartBit feature

Tokens & MARE

$ 15,000,000 $
51,000,000 target from EQUOS Token ERC20
1 USD = 0.5 eQUOS
If there are problems with platform access that cannot be held responsible, or forced delays, we reserve the right to extend the distribution phase up to 15 days to ensure the participation of all contributors .

SOFT CAP: $ 1,500,000 USD
(if the soft-stamp will not be reached during Pre-Distribution and Distribution, funds will be returned)

HARD CAP: $ 15,000,000 USD
(after the hard-cap is reached, the donation will be stopped)

1% of funds collected will be donated to charity organizations.



Our team

Our link


Author:   Proleubiek  |


ETH: 0x16e78fA734EB0b9d547dA6441a23e19d830266Ff

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Cryptosouk Image
Cryptosouk SOUK
If you are interested in becoming a member of CRYPTOSOUK challenges or you are interested in joining the CRYPTOSOUK, is a great idea to learn opinions that help you to get a recording that will aid you in seeing the vision of their mission for the duration of the project CRYPTOSOUK. 
Introduction TO CRYPTOSOUK:
Today, crypto in General and blockhain that specifically appears as a subject that really warm, discussed and discussed everywhere from the workplace, the Office to the coffee shop, where to eat, even sidewalks. They speak all the problems of the blockchain of blockchain to the package such as lifestyle, ICO statistics false charges bitcoin … However the standards, all of which surround the hassle of digital money transactions. And to meet the demand for digital money transactions in the Middle East in particular and international standards Cryptosouk task complete, turned into was born.
CryptoSouk has launched a trading platform of digital cash of St. Vincent and the Grenadines & Kuwait. The Exchange may be launched at the beginning of Q3 2018 with partners selling help, Ethereum, Bitcoin Litecoin, Ripple, sprint, Zcash and Monero. The company plans to maintain a transaction for an extra guide includes items received by encoding the Organization crossed the line at a minimum. Exchange of Cryptosouk also allows you to down load your account electronically at the time of pricing. based entirely on information the founder, Cryptosouk has decided to assist partner Cryptosouk provides buying and selling platform, liquidity, investment options and Cryptosouk.
Cryptosouk imaginative and prescient is to build an Exchange digital assets for future generations of merchants from all ranges of abilities, with the intention of creating a virtual foreign money transactions are on hand for all and sundry. Cryptosouk is also dedicated to improving the protection of patronnya with customer support is fast, cost effective, the elegance of the world, the relentless innovation, and creativity without boundaries. 
Cryptosouk Profit:
1. Transactional interface for users of the top:
CryptoSouk is a technology company commercial and monetary Center. Cryptosouk has built a virtual Exchange of high-quality content through focus on the desire of investors of foreign experts and specialist digital money. Cryptosouk is dedicated to creating a virtual foreign money transactions are in hand, fast and totally secure.
2. The main digital currency trading or currency Fiat
Cryptosouk offers all the main digital currency partner and fiat that you like to trade.
3. Keep track of your transactions
the transaction will help your music and Your transaction records, integrated platform Cryptosouk talent to keep the look modern graphics to jpeg. Cryptosouk also offers a special default size for tool time integrated, the possibility of a trade, and price alternatives, so you no longer have to do it manually. Finally, the built-in Cryptosouk give customers the capacity to create specialized reports, which builds commercial sports, sports, and transactional operations treasury, and save it as a CSV to facilitate tracking. . Alternative platforms built from the muse of integrated programmintegratedg high level experts and digital money to highlight the redundancy, accuracy, and speed.
Image Thonin Token
  • CryptoSouk has a strong team:
CryptoSouk development group consists of the contributors with economics, finance, investment and banking skills to the most powerful, with many years of experience in the areas in which they operate. together with experienced experts, the repair crew is ready to provide the right transaction platform for the world market. The group is led by the help of David Dubrulle-co-founder and CEO of venture (David Dubrulle was businessman with twenty years of fun finance, investing in Europe and the Middle East with the knowledge in your Head for Corporate Banking Finance, investment advisory, capital markets assurance, and enterprise plan funding) and Gene Hoffman-co-founder and Board member (he was an entrepreneur who is very expert and former Executive Director of the NASDAQ.) He is also a consultant for network Chia, and also serves as a member. the Board and CTO for even 
In addition, the main crew also has 2 Professional and elegant global skills Advisory Board including 05 man on the area of financial services, sales, communication, billing, advertising, and blockchain.
Image teeam
Board of advisors of world class talent in the field of financial services, sales, media, payment, marketing, and blockchain.
Image teeam
Image teeam
CryptoSouk has the ideas, materials, and innovative web sites that are designed beautifully:
internet site at: It has pretty, clean and which contains all the necessary data about the purchases or exchanges. shows the professionalism of the crew in the operation of the venture.


the white paper includes special 22 page in English is available at: CryptoSouk United Kingdom matter/pdf/en/pdf whitepaper.
It consists of facts about the project, delivery, business Highway and ICO. This white paper may be very well designed and illustrated in statistical elements. This reflects the extraordinary effort done CryptoSouk team on this task.
CryptoSouk has a short time, but it’s very clear
If you want to invest in CRYPTOSOUK, this is the right time to invest. Join immediately, before all the tokens sold out
The road map
CryptoSouk have a short time, but it’s very clear
The following are reviews that I showed you all in finding information and to know which of the CRYPTOSOUK project is currently being run by their team, if there is a shortage of this article explain, don’t worry, I’ve made a link for you to get accurate information. information and of course you will be able to Speak directly with Their Team, Or in The Link.
For more information and to join the social media CRYPTOSOUK today please follow the following sources:










Username: Proleubiek;u=2295420
ETH: 0x16e78fA734EB0b9d547dA6441a23e19d830266Ff


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Hukum Cambuk di Beureunuen” Komplek Masjid Abu Beureueh

Hukum Cambuk di Kompleks Masjid Baitul A’laa Beureunuen


Sumber Foto:


Kunjungi Situs

Beureunuen – Enam orang pelanggar hukum jinayat di hukum cambuk di kompleks Masjid Baitul A’laa atau mesjid Abu Beureueh, Kabupaten Pidie, Selasa (18/okto/2016), sekira pukul 13.30 WIB.

Nama-Nama tersebut adalah Abdul Muthaleb, warga Gampong Jiem Kecamatan Mutiara Timur, dicambuk 19 kali, karena yang bersangkutan sudah ditahan selama 28 hari. Rahma Wati warga Gampong Dayah Usi, dicambuk 20 kali. Muhammad Ali, warga Gampong Meunasah Rambot Adan, dicambuk 8 kali. Maysaroh warga Gampong Hagu Barat Kota Lhokseumwe, dicambuk 6 kali.


Baca Juga :

Sejarah Kabupaten Pidie Provinsi Aceh – Serta Daftar Nama Tokoh Kelahiran Asal Pidie

Dan Akmal Muchtadin, warga Gampong Blang Lileu Kecamatan Mutiara Pidie, dicambuk 5 kali dan Julita warga Gampong Keumangan Kecamatan Mutiara, Pidie, dicambuk 5 kali. “Mereka melanggar pasal 23 ayat 1 Qanun No 6 tahun 2014 tentang jinayat pungkas:
Kepala Satpol PP/WH Kabupaten Pidie, Bpk. Sabaruddin,

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Pantun aceh Facebook syairnya Rafi Khadafi Simbe

Pantun aceh Rafi Khadafi Simbe


Pantun Aceh karena Facebook


hudep sidroe hana masalah
soal meunikah beklei takira
meunye na umu tuhan keubah Baca lebih lanjut

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Jalan Macet karna Proyek Pengaspalan Lintas Banda Aceh-Medan “Beureunuen


Lintas kota mini kecamatan mutiara timur

Beureunuen – Proyek pelebaran jalan di Lintas banda aceh-medan Km 126, Kota mini, Kecamatan Mutiara Timur, membuat kemacetan cukup parah (17/0ktober-2016) pagi kemarin. Baca lebih lanjut

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Jl.Banda Aceh-Medan Diterjang Hujan Lebat Disertai Angin Kencang

Hujan Lebat Disertai Angin Kencang Di Beureunuen


Blang Busu Beureuneun

Beureunuen – Disekitaran Kecamatan mutiara diguyur hujan lebat disertai angin kencang pada kamis tanggal 13 oktober 2016, menyebabkan pohon tumbang dibeberapa tempat di Kecamatan Mutiara dan sekitarnya. Baca lebih lanjut

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Foto Pemuda Gampong Blang Lileue Kec. Mutiara

Gampong Blang Lileue Kec. Mutiara


Beureunuen – Pemuda asal gampong blang lileue yang 3 tahun silam yang mengambil sejumlah foto di krueng keumala. gambar-gambar ini diambil saat hari camp dengan tema sie kameng yang diselengarankan seluruh warga pemuda gampong blang lileue kec. Mutiara Kab.Pidie jl.banda aceh-medan km 123. Baca lebih lanjut

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Contoh KTI Akademi Keperawatan Aceh 2016 Metodelogi Penelitian

Metodelogi Penelitian


Akademi perawatan Pemerintah Pidie D3

Beureunuen – Akademi Keperawatan Aceh 2016

A.    Desain Penelitian
Penelitian ini bersifat deskriptif, dimana peneliti mencoba untuk mendapatkan  Gambaran Tingkat Kecemasan Pada Pasien Gangren Di Poli Endokrin RSU  TGK CHIK  DI Tiro Sigli 2014. Baca lebih lanjut

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Contoh2 Akademi Keperawatan Aceh 2016 Konsep Penelitian

Kerangka Konsep Penelitian


Pelatihan Keperawatan 2016


Beureunuen – Keperawatan Pemerintah Aceh Pidie

A.    Kerangka Konsep Penelitian
Berdasarkan pendapat Budiarto (2002) dan Niven (2002) maka, kerangka konsep penelitian dapat di gambarkan sebagai berikut : Baca lebih lanjut

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